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Turf Supplies Sydney | 10 Year Guarantee - Buffalo, Zosyia, Bermuda, Kikuyu

Atlas Turf Sydney is a buffalo grass specialist, with the best varieties to choose from. We are a family owned business operating three turf farms, which service residential and landscape markets, throughout Sydney, Blue Mountains, Central Coast, Newcastle, Campbelltown, Wollongong and Illawarra regions throughout NSW.

Turf Varieties


Sir Walter Buffalo


Sir Walter Soft Leaf Buffalo is a superior quality, premium lawn turf. It has unmatched performance for Australian conditions.

Sir Walter is Shade tolerant, Drought tolerant, Weed resistant, Disease resistant and Wear resistant.

It is 100% Australian born and bred. Sir Walter is able to handle tough climatic conditions and has excellent drought tolerance.

Palmetto Buffalo


Palmetto Buffalo, the soft leaf buffalo has a long broad soft leaf which is shade and drought tolerant. Extremely hardy once established and retains its colour during the winter months. This turf is a medium grower with a strong root system which recovers quickly from damage.

A Palmetto lawn will require a medium level of maintenance during the summer months, lower than many other turf varieties. It will need to be mowed every 7 – 10 days in summer and fertilised and watered regularly.

Kikuyu Turf


Kikuyu grass is a perennial favourite for lawns throughout Australia. Kikuyu grass is renowned for its rapid lush green growth, drought hardiness, resistance to wear, and ability to survive gardener neglect.

Its ability to spread quickly makes it ideal for lawns that take a hammering from children or pets.

Empire Zoysia


Empire Zoysia is a tough wearing, soft to touch, low maintenance turf grass. It has an appearance very similar to modern day soft leaf buffalo and is one of the most drought tolerant turf grasses known. It is excellent in full sun and thrives in hot, humid areas while having good shade tolerance.

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